This post worth 1000 births

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Yes. This post worth 1000 births. You had wasted your thousands of births already and you may also have to do it in future also. If you scroll of this post it may continue for ever. Spend few minutes and read the following.

In this post  I am to explain the total mysticism of  future. Then only you will have some better idea and can avoid births and also can enjoy your present life also. .

We were  always here  and we will be here for ever. Our lives are not contemporary ours is an episode of a mega serial. With my little bit of experience I had realized it. People say that  our fortune and misfortunes  had been decided by the God.

But I felt that our present life story had been choose by us. In this jagannataka every soul is empowered to achieve enlightenment. with this goal only all of us taking births. As it is our right by birth  the God had given us every capacity to do the needful

After the completion of previous birth… When we were with astral  body the above said capacity was in peak and  we had analyzed our deeds and actions at our previous birth(s). we prepared a list of the things which  were creating  obstacles in the path of our spiritual development. ( ie. In time marriage, good husband, job security etc)

To achieve enlightenment at least in the next birth ( I mean our  present birth) we had strike off the things.

But at that time we were with astral body and our target was enlightenment. But now we are with physical body and our aim is worldly life.

As we had decided and designed our next birth we had waited for the planetary position which may help us to take a birth suitable for tremendous sadhana – achieving enlightenment.

We had entered in to the suitable  mother’s  U tress  and born to lead a (miserable) life essential for restless  sadhana for enlightenment.  The born baby will be not able to identify the difference between  she and an other thing (puppy/cow/ even the toy) .Slowly the parents, relatives, teachers insert ego in to that fresh mind.

As long as the baby is   ego less it will be   the part and partial of this nature it doesn’t cares the worldly thing except its instincts based on previous births.

As well as ego is in the previous memories go to the deepest location of mind. It forgets all of its pain for getting the life which it is leading. It is the problem of every  human being with the life.

They doesn’t know that this life & horoscope  was choose by themselves with a goal to attain enlightenment  and they always ask astrologers for remedies which are going on at their lives.

If there are bunch of facilities (success in studies, love, in time marriage,good life partner,, pretty children,plenty of health,wealth , name and fame  in your life you have to realize that all of these things are the conspiracy of the Maya to make you forget the Almighty.

It may lead you to sorrows, defames, mental tensions, separations, failures,poverty,loss of job etc. It is the mercy of the God to  make you to  remember him.

What I advice you is don’t forget the God  and your target ( enlightenment) even if you born with silver spoon.

You have to think that all the worldly things offered are the conspiracy of Maya. If you can sustain the sadhana you may not have to pass through


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