Insult to Pope in yandran trailer release function

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The spiritual leader of cores cores of christians Pope was insulted in the yandran trailer release function. In the presence of MD of Sun pictures kalanidhi Maran, Super star Rajini kanth and VIPS of tolywood familiar Tamil lyric writer friend of Tamil Nadu CM Mr .Vairamuthu had revealed an idea tic joke on Pope.

The central theme of the joke revealed by Variamuthu was like this.

Amithab Bachan and Rajini kanth gone to white house to meet Obama. He had identified Rajini kanth (only) and offers cup of tea.

Then the both goes to Vatican city. There a function was going on. The Pope was on the stage. As well as Rajini entered the function hall Pope identified Rajini and called up on him to the Dias. From there Rajini noted that Amithab had became unconscious and fell down .Immediately Rajini inquired Amithab why he had fell down. Amithab answered that his neighbor had asked who is that man wearing white dress.

By this Vairamuthu wants to establish that Rajini is more familiar than Pope and the person invited to the Pope’s function and allotted seat in the first row itself was not able to identify the Pope. But he had identified Rajnikanth

Vairamuthu told that he got that idea tic joke from Internet. In the internet countless ugly things are available ,but limited to netizens ( Just 2 to 4 %).

But this man reveals it in the function to be telecast ed in the Sun Net Work. All the Maran,Rajini,VIPS hadn’t condemned this and clapped and enjoyed. Any how these people had insulted not only Pope but also the cores and cores of Christians all over the world.


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