Planets speaking:Kethu

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The norm is here “No one makes disaster like Kethu”. Yea! I am
making disaster with friendship, relationship, relation with heart and
blood. Do you know? I am a holy giver. My duty is guide or change the
Part of God Krishna
Tied with other one as chain

human to the holy way. When the human take part this way? Everyone
makes tragedy on his or her life, and get unexceptional feelings.
Tragedy only makes holy path.
In this period, 2010 the Chief Minister Mr. Karunanithi gets my
Let us see my powered areas… make wounds, hair bug, anxiety,
loss, unknown crisis, poverty in home, food, dress, unaimed life, saint,
yoga, Vedic, horrific thoughts, like tricks, doubts for miserable made
by other, fear like, being sleep near of snakery, drop by confident
persons, Try go abroad and being loss money from fake travel
agency. Missed your passport, visa and announce of war, when you
are in foreign country, Being part in crises and missed the route.
Here, I give a special prescribe to you…you can do this even what
kind of state of on your horoscope. It makes me a cool… so you relieve
from your grief.
1) Simple in life
2) Prepare food for saints
3) Pray in temples of other religion
4) Learn meditation

5) Worship unroofed God “Vinayaga20”
6) Wear “Lapis lazuli” or “Cat’s eye” stone rings
7) Be dressed in as saint at weekly once
8) Be apart from program, parties, picnic and tour
Additionally, I and Rahu are being with 180 degree direction. So you
can do your prescribes as both Rahu and Kethu at once. We are some
of equivalent on worships. God ordered to us… me Kethu serving like
as Mars, Rahu serving like as Saturn. By the way of ours prescribes, be
aware with Saturn and Mars controlled matters.

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