Planets speaking : Mercury

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I am confident that people who read this posts in this serial would be very clear about the nature of planets. I am not much worried about the readership. If it is a news paper it will become a waste paper with in 24 Hrs. As it is a Blog and have a very good longevity .

In Tamil I was posting 100s of items for 9 years from 2000 . There was very little response in beginning. But now the readers are search and read the older and oldest posts also .

In the past posts we dealt with sun, moon ,mars, rahu, Jupiter and Saturn. Now let us hear to Mercury.
7 – Mercury

You come to know me, by this saying “never get Mercury power, except get gold”. God gives power to me for controlled some of matters, they are relationship with newcomer, explain the inner feelings, postal, courier, STD, astrology, agency, winning consultancy.

Human skins, reproductive organ parts in man and woman, healthy, mathematical, medical professional, trades, relationship by trade with two unknown are with my control. Sales representative, marketing man, skilled speaker are glittered with me.

Co-operation society, government officials, joined business, public limited, conference, theater hall, parks, stage at street corner, bazaar in every city are powered by me. I have controlled the father-in-law and uncle in your relationship.

If you have a good and fine movement on your life, I am be with you good state. Otherwise I am not good state on your horoscope.

Here, I give a special prescribe to you…you can do this even what kind of state of on your horoscope. It makes me a cool… so you relieve from your grief.

1) Do not try to understand unwanted matters. Uncertain makes mental disorder
2) Do not accept messenger for who and whom
3) Do not make trade
4) Do not accept courier, postal, third parties, only try to inform by presence or phone
5) Detach with club, union, party, it never help to you
6) Be aware with your uncle, father-in-law
7) Being free from astrologers, medical practiser
8) No helps from theft relation
9) If you have any problem with skin, do not try to cure with English medicines
10) As students, do not declare on your study in maths and science as major.
11) Worship “Kannan” (Krishna) by Tulsi malai
12) Wear Green emerald stones


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