Planets speaking: Saturn

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I have most of rumor like the Mars. I am based on life, raise your life time is my duty. When your life raise? I raise the life all times, when got the good home on sky. No way free from disease, otherwise “the disease marks health” is natural medical norms.

On the way, good of mine, human enjoyed lives, later gets assimilation (like water, air, and food), elimination (like sweat, urinal and feces, out the carbon dioxide) problems. The ex-ordinary is stored on body by hard works. The action of dropout is called disease.

I am making part of different results on my 19 years of acceptance. If not do anything of my first part, I have a good state in horoscope. Otherwise, if I am an unfaith or life giver on the horoscope, doing best in first part, worst in second part. You follow the same rules on the period on present circle of “Elaraichani” .As by rule; I am not given worst in second part, like first.

The way of raise your life is 1) doing hard works 2) Do not waste your time for body clean. Do not fear about the period of “Elaraichani” (seven and half year). All men’s achievements were done this time only. Enjoy makes weakness. A difficulty gives strength.

I have finished the circle of Home (Rasi) chakra by 30 years. On the way of circle, I give the best of from the 3, 6, 10 and 11 of 4 homes only. At these 4 homes, on the 2nd time of circle, the man gets 10 years of goodness and lifetimes.

I am a sentinel, as an offer and acquire any type of position… you get the best from me by stand at good homes; otherwise you get punishment from bad home status. Never kill anyone on my “Thisah” or “Elaraichani” times. It happens only on time of circles, with other inauspicious Planet joins or views me. Ok, Here I come to end of selfness.

Shrink cheek, curved body by backbone, inner placed eyes, legs, calm, long timed project, harvest, quarry, oil grind, buffalo, dalit people, worker, iron, granite, oil seeds, odor, tortured works, south and black color are mine.

By additionally lazy, week mind, nerve, anus, cure from death kind of problem, glass, soldier, workers union, bitter goods, horrible goods, late, long live, separation, sadness, Slovenes, being jailed and constipation. If you have a good and fine movement on your life, I am be with you good state. Otherwise I am not good state on your horoscope.

Here, I give a special prescribe to you…you can do this even what kind of state of on your horoscope. It makes me a cool… so you relieve from your grief

1) Use only gingelly oil for cook
2) Drop black color cloth, use blue
3) Donate old goods and irons to poor
4) Do not use scent, sprayer
5) Drink Neem juice
6) Add in your food list, herbal plant and bitter guard
7) Saturn has blue based stone, so fit it on iron based or silver based material. (Silver goes to Venus, here Venus is friendly with Saturn) Do not fit in gold. Wear by ring and bangle.
8) Reconstruct your old house.
9) Try to set garden without profit
10) Escape from my controlled professions
11) Do meditations
12) Worship the village border Gods
13) Give lift to others, who want go to police station, court, hospital and grave yard. If you feel safe, go with them.
14) Do not attention for neatness
15) Clear the plain space, dig on south


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