Planets speaking: Rahu

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Planets speaking: Rahu
I know that even 100 people hadn’t viewed this Blog. Yet I am going on posting new items. I am confident that I am different from all other astrologers. They are just search engines. If you ask them a question related to astrology they will search in to the data available at their minds. They will pick them up and answer. But I conclude that they are out dated.
Why because they had only by hearted the ancient books in astrology. They will give you ready made answers. They will give a single answer forever. Even though the impact of the planets is same the human behavior changed according to the changing social conditions.
When the Rishis and Maharshis framed the astrological guidelines there were joint families, child marriages. Agriculture was the main mode of life, the education was different whole life was different.

In my practice as an astrologer I found that the astrology stood fruitless for many times. So that, I was to think a lot and work hard. With the grace of Almighty I was able to touch the truth. As these truths are the coins thrown by the God in to my bowl, these coins may be invisible to others. One who have the grace of God can only read this post.
OK .Let me give way to Mr.Rahu , he is to tell about himself.


You come to know I am not good state on the horoscope… some of celebrities get drug addict, relationship with rowdies, disappear and sudden appear in life, suicide with poison. Otherwise I have done best of associate with other Planets.

Ex. Rahu + Venus give arts, beauty and dance. Rahu + Mercury give writing skill and communication. Rahu + Mars give martial arts. Rahu + Jupiter give wealth. Some of actors or actresses record them with this kind of status.

At theater man never admit you with your floor ticket to cabin. You cannot ever fool me… therefore I give the end of the life from liquor, drugs and mafia.

A story starts about the Planets… we are like an anti-hero gang, the scene starts… the prime minister agenda is landing at airport, crossing road junction, meeting, rest at guest house. The gang plan to kill him at airport. On the norm of cinema hero will be successful so the prime minister is safe. But the Life is not cinema. We are creation of God not a like cinema gang.

As Example, I stand at 7th home; I set down unattractive girl as a wife. But parents never accept that girl. They will try and try one as gorgeous. As a result, make trouble with her mind, character, and health. I make separate, if she will be saved by other Planets view.
Here, you come to know we, (Rahu and Kethu) stands in 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 12th home, this form is called “Sarppathosha”. Now you have understood what we are doing… OK, I talked little over like Sun…

I have powered with cinema, lottery, arrack, forgery, making copy, working at dark places, theft, smuggling, fake goods, cheat, doubt, speculation, share market, tax fraud, poison, English medicine, false, snakery, Durga, black market, disclosure disease, weakness, not even development as a body as a age or spare muscles, other languages.

And more with, smuggle, fraudulent account, snakes, poison species, medical reaction, allergy, abroad with illegal.

Are you free from poison species, or medical reaction? Are you success with duties done at daylight? Are you calm with your language only? Are you fond with cinema or like the cinema? If your answer is Yes, I am good state at your horoscope.

And more, Drug addict, smoker, fraud, unlawful wealth, and release from police station on some of cases I am sure with you as not good.

Here, I give a special prescribe to you…you can do this even what kind of state of on your horoscope. It makes me a cool… do it now… some of do at later as possible. So you relieve from your grief.

1) Worship the snakery, what not worship by priest.
2) Learn other language, like German, French
3) Do photography with hobby
4) Read foreign make books and watch the cinemas based on smuggling and abduct actions
5) Play cards, don’t bet on them
6) Just buy lottery
7) Play snake typed games
8) Draw or stick the dragon picture in your bed room, pillow cover, and bed spread.
9) Be care places where the snake lives
10) Give money to liquor for any old man
11) Get free from liquor addict… (liquor like as poison)


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