Planets speaking: Mars

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Mars, I am the General of the Planets… including Sun, Moon, Rahu (ascending node from Sun), Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Kethu (descending node from Sun) and Venus. If the Planets stand as uncertain, the astrologer said like this “Sun has not power” or “Kethu is in difficulty”. Although I am not in good in your horoscope, the astrologer drops you or said “this horoscope is with quandary”.

You know? My department made this, my controlled subject is too.

Elders, Police, military, railway, fuel, alternative current, weapon, explosion material, fluid of the inner the bone (this fluid product white molecule in blood), anger, fire, argument, common sense,  south direction, sea crystal,  ancient ruler generation, operation, accident, cooking are powered by me.

Fired wound, blood or related disease, contest, sports, NCC, God Muruga, milk, animal with horns, non-veg, adoration to God, blood high – low pressure, ulcer are within my control.

I am in not good state in your horoscope if you said answer yes… your brothers make problems to you and company with your enemy?, are you fired with any flamed accident? Have you gets operation? Love failure?

Otherwise I am good if you getting best wealth in your business, what associated with me.

Here, I give a special prescribe to you…you can do this even what kind of state of on your horoscope. It makes me a cool… So you relieve from your grief.

1)    Donate blood – consult your family Doctor, be clear with your doubts with it. Try to yearly once. It is the idea; if you donate blood, escape from the blood waste by accidents.
2)    Drop non-veg, try to give or prepare kind of food. (it is best if you choose police or electricity foreman friends)
3)    Donate electrical goods to school, library, masque, temple and trust.
4)    You have important with exercise. Try to learn Karate, Judo or other martial arts.
5)    Fill the dig on south or southeast at your home or office
6)    Worship “Subramaniyar”, God who placed on mountain.
7)    Learn meditation
8)    Understand your anger, is the output of laziness. Build up your talent. 
9)    Leave from mine associated parts, drop its wealth


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