Planets are speaking: Moon

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Northern west is my direction, white pearl, celebrities wives, mother, mothers relative, lungs, kidney, mind, night time, full moon, depression, water related profession, The places, who no point out whom stay with unscheduled timing.

Examples are swimming pool, marriage hall, markets, bus terminal, and railway junction.

More with, boat, Sea travel, fifteen (15) days of pleasure, fifteen (15) days of misery, suddenly trip, love, seasonal trades, works and being with people, rivers, seashore, lady within mothers age, trades within two and quarter days are occurring by me (Moon).

If you are with innovative, youth, public relation, long breath, sudden fortune, and great wealthy, I am form with best state in your horoscope. Otherwise substandard life, changeable trade or works, suffered transfer, depression, diseased mother, suffering disease with lungs, kidneys… I am not good state.

Here, I give a special prescribe to you…you can do this even what kind of state of on your horoscope. It makes me a cool… So you relieve from your grief.

1)    Take the dinner in 14 days, later the new moon day. (Nilachoru)
2)     Get swing
3)    Look the color fishes on the fish tank
4)    Relieve from my associated profession
5)    Beware with dust, tension, smoke
6)    Drink pure water
7)    Worship the goddess without of weapon (Kanyakumari Goddes)
8)     Get the herbal juice
9)    Take the decision on with Moon power days
10)    Don’t let promise (say “Try, Try”, like the Tamilnadu former Prime minster Mr. Kamaraj)
11)    Do not forget, the love is punishing of eyes. (lyric by Kavignar Kannadasan)
12)    Drop the swim, full body bath, sun stroke, iced climate.
13)    Do not set kitchen at northern west and clear the digs.

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