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Hi !
Even though I am a leading blogger in Tamil ( here in English I am a fresher. This seriel which one is been published from yester day is my master peice and was published in many magazines and websites. ie Jothida Boomi, Anmeegam,,, and in my above said blog.There was a striking response for it.

Now I am publishing in this blog as seriel. 

In some cases, they may not  have theri  horoscopes. However you can know whether I am in a good place or not  (  even thou you are not having  your birth date, year and time too. You can make prescribes in this   way.

Imagine  God as    a  Prime minister, Planets as  as ministers. The same kind of action is the share of the duties to the Planets and the minister by God and Prime minister.  We, Planets get the power with the limit of our departmental sources. We are do or do not’s by the base on where we stand and view the homes on the horoscope. We are doing the best or worst by our position by your record. Grant only the best if, I stand on the best place and good state.

East is my direction, bloodstone is mine, clock is granted of mine, soul, father, relationship with father, with father relatives, confident are is based with my power.

Teeth, bones, backbone, left eye, mountains and valley, lotus, advertisement, newspapers are too in my control.  Braze, Tour with planed, consulate, city, town and municipality, open heart speech, slant bodies, uncombed hair, single son, side headache, bone fracture, sleepless is more of mine.

If you have the ideal man as a father and his relation, self confident, management process, I am best in state on your horoscope. Expect I am not good, if you said answer as “yes” on following point… your life goes with teeth infection, bone fracture, inferiority complex, and vengeance or disagree with father and slave employee.

You never escape from me, furthermore of other Planets. You know… we present the awful is equal to armed bullet. You may choose with aptitude where you get the bullet in to heart or shoulder.

As by a norm no of Planet gives 100% of awfulness, similarly not gives 100% of pleasant. Therefore some of details are given above, whom, what is on my control and take the best of from your side. Here, I am with you. Be along with the awful. It makes you happiness.

If you are ready to loss, you get something… you got something you are loser. No way to get more form weak powered Planet… Ex. Small sized pot never gets in excess of rice. You never change the pot, except put the small amount of rice. We all knew, no use of widen dig, excepting deep.

Here, I give a special prescribe to you…you can do this even what kind of state of on your horoscope. It makes me a cool… So you relieve from your grief.

1)    Getting worship to Sun at morning
2)    Read Gayatri mantra
3)    Get the food including of Calcium
4)    Get the result of loss of calcium or uric acid state ups form urine and start therapy.
5)    Drop down your wealth from of my controlled subjects.
6)    Leave your status from my controlled professions and choose the best of from other Planet associated profession.
7)     Replace the dig or stone grind at center of house. 


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