Logical Remdies for the evil effects of the planets

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The Navagraha (Nine Planets- Sun to Mars) is making stimulation in Living beings.  Human gets awful too. It is called Thosha. (Thosha – Quandary). Prescribes are means, the process of prepare yagas (worship to Planets or God) and special ceremony. 

We have to assign prescribes are on three category.

By the way…
1) Worship to Planet or its angel (Every planets has angels)
2) Gets the Temple journey (Every Planets has own Temple, where they beam its energy)
3) Giving as donate to others like, land, cow and serve foods. 

1) Worship to Planet or its angel
What is Worship? It means, put the valuable objects in the flame, what associate by Mars. It brings the well-set on human from awful of Mars. At the same as what kind of objects put on fire, Planets awful is resolve.

Ex. The Venus associate to Silk.

But one thing, come to point where the Mars is stand from the Soul or Lakna home. As a example, Mars is stand on the 5th home,( Based by mind form) Mars angel is God “Subramaniyar”. If we worship to “subramaniyar”, makes well-set the awful? Or just making of fire yaga creates well-set?

We consider the Mars gives the well-set for fire worship, stands on 2nd, 8th, 12th homes. On the way the 2nd home is treasure form. Mars associate with fire, so Human (Jathagan) treasure may afire is result. The 8th home is life, terrible form.  The 12th home is loss, waste away form. So the Mars may spoil the objects by fire. We submit the objects in to the fire by forward, what may come about by the Mars. The Jupiter reduces the awful, we grant the stuff to priest. 

2) Get travel to the Temple journey
We are movable re-charge batteries, Sanctum is Point plug, Temples are AC Transformers, and Holy places are sub-stations. Well set batteries can re-charge at sanctum. If the batteries are not in condition, none of the use on holy places. So how it can re-charge?

3) Giving as donate
The objects, what associate with Planet – reduce that Planets thosha.

Ex. Oil associate with Saturn, gold associate with Jupiter. At the same time, who gets your donate, can reduce similar. Disability or handicap point out the Saturn, Who escaped form flames point out the Mars, the priest point out the Jupiter…

Therefore we make ourselves the damage, what may happen by planets. By the way the damage will be same scale by Planets and us. On this point makes well-set.

Ex. The Mars stands on Star home or Soul home of 8th home, it may reason for mishap (on fire too).  Of course you are going to mountain holy place for God “Subramaniyar”, who stands with Mars. You are giving the worship to God on this Temple. So, Can we bring to a halt the mishap? Think!

As a nature, mishap is conform, may happen spread the blood from our body, why we should not given the blood as a donor?  As a confirmation of mishap, we can just reduce the scale by donate something. Is it right?

Traditional prescriptions are not clear now and given the mistaken by followers. Some of prescriptions increases additionally awful except of reduce. Hit the mango on packed of stones… it is funny. Some of adjustable tricks and traditional prescription is obtainable in the world.

By Ex. The Saturn stands at 7th home, He makes delay the marriage.  Even we make some of adjustable prescriptions by Astrologer advice, try to calm the Saturn. At the end, marriage is come to pass by the Saturn gives blessing. Later we forget the prescriptions and Astrologer. These forget gives divorce or crime case at police station within couple. Therefore the awful, what make by Planets – are never (short-term too) try to stop by prescriptions. In some cases, like same as in English medicine makes quite relief on the disease, later the medicine develops the disease with exacerbate conditions…

Here, I describe in this article, the modern prescription gives the lesson to you the way of admiration with Planets and its awful rays. Never help roots to the tree, when not bend by forced river or flood.  Grass acquires lives for its activity, it stands after the overflow.

You knew medical prescriptions types like Homeopathy, Allopathic and Siddha. Know you another one is here, The Allah Nabhi medical prescriptions?

Yes… The Nabhi make talks to herbals with love and questioned “Can you listed to cure on what types of disease?” The herbal explain by the way of mystical. It is base rule for The Allah Nabhi medical prescriptions.

The Planets speaks here, the same way of herbals, this article brings out…

All grace goes to God. 

Sharp you… Let’s pay attention to the Planets…

(To be cont in next post

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