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Open Talk with an Astrologer: 2

(chittoor Murugeshan aliaz Murugan (43) – my self – is a professional astrologer. He is having wide and deep experience as people’s astrologer. Above all he is a leading blogger in Tamil who got 1 lakh 80 thousand hits just in 14 months.)
Q: Generally astrologers try to prove astrology as a science. If it is a science what is the need for the grace of almighty?
A: I want to quote an incident took place in the life of shirdi saibaba. One of his devotee was suffering with loose motions. Due to dehydration he was to die. Baba told him to take some fried ground nuts. Generally ground nuts would spoil the position. But as a miracle his devotee had recovered from loose motions. After some months again the loose motions attacked the same devotee. As Baba told in past he had some fired ground nuts. But the situation turned worst. In the same way all the rules in astrology are just like that ground nut. Only if they were recommended by Baba they will give relief. If we take it independently it may make the life worst.

Q: Thus you deny the statement of those astrologers who advocate as the astrology is a science.
A: Yes. But no astrologer may neglect the stuff in astrology. Stuff is stuff. But the grace of almighty is the must in addition.
Q: There is a little bit of confusion. Conclude whether the astrology is a science or mystic science?
A: I am passing towards that puzzle .It may too early to conclude. But I can say one thing that is “Astrology is the threshold of spirituality and spirituality is the destination of it”
Q: In these days there number of types of astrology? Can you comment on them?
A: ask me one by one
Q: Numerology?
A: while astrology predicts on basis of planetary position at your horoscope numerology treats the numbers as planets. But in my experience whenever the numbers and planets at horoscope coincides then only it works. I mean all the babies born on first of a month may not have the equal impact of sun. Influence differs according to the potentiality of the sun at their horoscope.

If the ascendant of a baby is Leo there me a lot of impact of sun than the other baby

Astrology works without the coincidence with numerology. For example whose birth number/ compound number is not 1 may have the good qualities of the sun if she born in simha lagna .
Q: what do you want to suggest for the learners.
A: One who rushes towards numerology has to learn astrology also. Why because then only he can compare the numbers with the planets at horoscope and can predict the future better.
Q: palm history?
A: In astrology to judge the strength of a planet there are hundreds of rules. In spite of these rules you cannot give a final judgment. But in palm history even a baby can decide the strength of a planet. It is the plus of the palm history. But to determine the period in which your predictions may come true is very difficult in it. For this you have to apply printing ink on the hand of your client. Then you have to have the impression on a record sheet. Then you have to press the needle points along with the lines in handprints after pasting the impression on a clip board .
Q: Oh…Stop it !
B: But in astrology you can give your predictions with time. It is very easy
Q: you are been criticized for mixing porno contents in your essays on astrology
A : In a chart there are 12 houses. Among them ascendant tells about the client along with his sexual behavior, the second house tells about his talks include sex, third house tells about the travels along with his drive to his lover, concubine
Fourth house tells about his resting hours in it he may sleep with a woman, 5th house tells about the thinking of the client including his thoughts on sex, 6th house tells about the credits, deceases, enemies . These may occur due to his sexual behavior also. 7th house tells about his companion in sex, life , 8th house tells his longevity it may be disturbed even with aids . Like this many houses tells about the sex. How can I keep sex far from my posts? There are 9 planets. The Venus , and some house lords influence the gynecological set up of the body ,genetic parts , age of puberty, potentiality, impotence , premature ejaculation etc
Sex is not only the center of body it is the center point of the mind also.
Q: Can you predict the sexual behavior of person only with the help of his chart?

(To be continued..

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