Open Talk with a Non brahmin Astrologer

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chittoor Murugeshan aliaz Murugan (43) is a professional astrologer. He is having wide and deep experience as   people’s astrologer. Above all he is a leading blogger in Tamil who got 1 lakh 80 thousand hits just in 14 months.

Q: How did you got interest on astrology?
A: In 1989 I was love with a girl. An astrologer predicted that even if we get married we would be separated with in a day or a week. It came true. I was a egoist I couldnt digest this that an un educated old man was in a position to predict my life. To predict my own future I was to read number of books on astrology
Q: can you say that they were help full?
A: they were of two types. one were written by Brahmins and other  were by non Brahmins.
Q: what is your opinion on books by Brahmins?
A: They were just translating the contents from Sanskrit. They were help full for me to get some preliminary knowledge about the astrology and planets. But the authors were not enough courageous to write their interpretations or experiences. I think they were just like parrots repeating the learned words. Above all their language was tough and their only aim was to terrorize the readers and get out.
Q: books by non Brahmins?
A: they were simple in language. As they experienced difficulty in learning they were aimed to feed the readers but they were spoon feedings. These people were also interested only to praise the authors of original contents and going on listing out the occasions in which the contents of the original books came true. they were not courageous to point out the loop holes .
Q: are you brave enough and courageous to point out the loop holes?
A: Yes. I hadn’t stopped with pointing out the loop holes I was able to build a theory and method to minimize the failures with the grace of almighty.
Q: Generally astrologers try to prove it as a science. If it is a science what is the need fro the grace of almighty?

( To continued)


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