Let us resolve all the problems of India

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I am committed to safe guard the self respect and to resolve all the problems of India .I was already a bread hunter the neglegency of the Former Cmand present CM of had made me a begger.

Above all the subject which had been proposedto them was not a selfish one . If YOU refer to my letter and do the needful for the propaganda and implementation of the same I will be most thankful to u.

I am aged only 38 years. But I had a lot of bitter experience with the Indian central and state govt machinery.

I am a working journalist in a leading telugu daily. Yet I have a lot to share with you. only for the development my mother land I had drafted a fine plan to resolve all the problems of our country. I had named it as Operation India 2000.

I am furnishing the main points of my plan. 1. Implementing presidential form of govt. 2. Appointing a special army with 10 crore unemployed youth. 3. Handing over the project of linking Indian rivers to them. 4. Abolishing present currency and introducing new one. 5. Undertaking all the agricultural lands after paying compensation in shape of bonds payable in double after five years. 6. Implementing co-operative farming.

I had given theoretical and historical references and methods to minimize the administrative expenses of the central and state governments and to mobilize funds for the project.

I had made 200 copies and sent it to the office of the speaker of loksabha by registered post. . I had requested him to arrange for the distribution of the copies to the mps. (11-6-98). In beginning they denied the delivery of the copies. After referring to the proof of delivery sent by me they asked for a fresh copy of my plan and promised for making many copies and distributing them to the mps. I had sent but they hadn’t distributed the copies.

In the same way I had sent the copy to the cm of ap sri.N .chndrababu naidu.(November of 97). I was regularly reminding and sending fresh copies. On 22nd of april 2002 I had vexed and sent Rs.10 through MO with a note that if there is no resources even for the postage to respond on the letters from the public take delivery of the mo and respond. On 3rd of augest 2002 they asked for my proposals to place them before the cm. I had sent. But there was no response .

I had field a petition before the district consumers forum in chittoor. By knowing this through dailies the deputy secretary of cm had wrote me and promised for the appropriate usage of my plan. When my mo was delivered and cm office hadn’t responded

I had wrote to the clp leader (Present cm) the office of the clp leader had responded in favour.Even though the regime of chandrababu was over the same officials are continuing in pahee. They are planfully doing their best to hide my letters from the eyes of the cm. Only to communicate the problem to the cm

I had sat on hunger strike from 2nd of October 2004. Media had covered well the issue. Revenue report gone. Police report gone. Intelligence report gone .The sp had conveyed regrets on the negligence of the cm pashee and promised me that he will take this to the notice of the cm. But invain.

Responding to my emails the cm pashee sent a mail and instructed me to contact the collector. I had contacted. But in spite of many reminders there was no response. Due to this I had announced a padhayathra to the state capital to meet the cm on 8th of april 2005.. But the leaders of BC,SC,Vaddara,Madhiga sangams had rendered unconditional support to my plan operation India 2000 and requested me to go by bus if I do so they will also accompany me.

So that I had dropped and planning for a bus yathra to the state capital. I had communicated the above issue along with a DD for Rs.10/- to the District public information officer also. But they had adviced me to contact the CM pashee. Now it had been sent to the State Public information officer with DD for Rs 10/-

Kindly help me to help my country. Please forward my mail to your contacts

mail to and from S.Murugeshan about Operation India 2000

Dear Mr. Murugeshan,
1. Implementing presidential form of govt. – What is the need of presidential form of Govt.???

2. Appointing a special army with 10 crore unemployed youth.
3. Handing over the project of linking Indian rivers to them.

4. Abolishing present currency and introducing new one. – What is the need of abolishing present currency???

5. Undertaking all the agricultural lands after paying compensation in shape of bonds payable in double after five years. – What is the need of undertaking agricultural lands??? Agri is not a profitable business

6. Implementing co-operative farming. – “co-operative” is a failure system in India, we are not able to run the co-operative banks properly???

I like your point 2 & 3, May be you can propose your Idea or Plan to Prime Minister office / President office / Ms Sonia Gandhi

PS: Pls don’t disturb those people too much

My reply:
Presidential form of govt:
Sir.. first of all I thank u for your response. in Presidential form the president will be directly elected ..so he may be a most favourable person to masses and will enjoy full power. He need not satisfy MPs . He can concentrate on public issues only.
Abolishing present cuurency:
It is the only way to vanish black money. If the govt abolishes the present currency and instruct the people to exchange it with accounts in banks the total black money will be vanished.

Co-operative farming:
Co-operative system is now failed only due to the political interferes. In presidential form of govt there will be power to MLAs or MPs or Ministers. So that it will be most successful.

Undertaking agri. lands;
If the land is private property the crops and profits will go the private people. Then while digging channels the issue of componsations and all that may arise. If all the lands are undertaken the project will go without delay

Any how I thank u again. What the hell is PM,President,Sonia all are the selfish crooks no one is interested in public issues. I had communicated in all modes. No ideat hadnt responded


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